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Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Review | Klorane Oil Control Nettle Shampoo

Klorane Oil Control Shampoo(*) | £4.50 throughout March, RRP £6 |
for some reason, my hair has started becoming oily pretty quickly lately and i was fed up of spending a fortune on dry shampoo to get me through second day hair. i trawled the aisles of Boots and Superdrug and just couldn't find anything affordable on the high street that actually worked for me - the only thing that made a slight difference was double shampooing, but i was obviously going through shampoo at twice the rate of conditioner which was costing a bomb aswell. so when i saw Escentual tweet that the were looking for people with oily hair to try out a product, i jumped at the chance and the Klorane Oil Control Nettle Shampoo(*) soon landed on my doormat.

and this has already solved my oily hair issues. before, i was having to wash my hair every other day without a doubt, and i'd be lucky if i could go without dry shampoo on the inbetween days, but with this i can now make it to third day hair before needing to wash it again - it is honestly a life saver! as you can see on the back of the box, it includes extracts from the roots of a plant from the nettle family which helps attack whatever it is that makes our hair oily, meaning you can make it that extra day with still fresh looking hair. this doesn't eliminate oil, it just helps control the rate at which it develops in your hair so will have long-term effects aswell. the fact that the whole process of getting the nettles extracts is properly monitored and meets Klorane's set specifications just adds to this product, especially for the completely affordable price. 

surprisingly for a nettle-based product, the scent of this isn't overpowering as i expected it would be and if anything i think it smells more of really fresh, crisp apples so it leaves your hair smelling super fresh, and the smell lingers until your next wash. the formula isn't quite as 'gel-like' as i'm used to with a shampoo, it's much more runny and liquidy. i do still use my regular shampoo after this to maintain shine and a little bit of volume, and i've found that this has really improved my haircare routine. throw in that Escentual currently have Klorane products on offer with 1/3 off throughout March makes it even more tempting to stock up, and they also do a Oil Regulating Dry Shampoo, too, so it wouldn't surprise me if this could even make my hair stretch that fourth day without a wash.

i'm really impressed with how quickly this had an effect on my hair, and highly recommend it if you also suffer from oily hair!

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  1. Thanks to you I picked this up from Escentual the other day! French brands always seem to work wonders for some reason (:

    Ellis xo / ELRBX / british beauty & lifestyle blog!