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Monday, 18 June 2012

This Weeks Purchases...

Before we even start, I genuinely cannot believe I have bought this much in the last ten days! I need to go on a serious shopping cutdown - this is getting serious. I don't want to add up how much this has all come to.
Let's go... 

First up is this H&M blouse for £4.99. My Mum actually bought this and I loved the shades of blue so much that I had to buy my own for the bargain price. It's really lightweight for the summer, and not at all tight around the neck or arms either. I also love that it isn't sheer like most blouses this style on the high street, meaning you don't need to layer up with a vest underneath in the heat. I can't find it online to link you to, sorry - the H&M online UK store is horrendous for choice! 

These are the second pair of these jeans that I've purchased and they're just £11 from Primark. Our kitten has pulled the other pair to shreds, so I had to get a new pair as I love them so much. These are the softest jeans I've ever had and I'd much rather buy these regularly than fork out for expensive pairs. I know people might be sceptical about buying jeans from Primark but I really do reccomend them. This particular pair are such a gorgeous summer shade too! 

Another part of mission 'get more colours in my summer wardrobe' and in my opinion this was an absolute steal for just £10 from Primark. It has a stunning feather print:
And the main thing that drew me to it is all the shades that you can pick out and match them up with. In particular, I bought it to go with a pink vest I bought from H&M not too long ago seen here. It also looks lovely with a nude chiffon sleeveless shirt I have too so it's super versatile!

This was the start of a recent Ebay haul and a bargain for £2.54 (available here). It is from Hong Kong which normally takes a while for postage, but I paid for this on the 8th, and it arrived today just 10 days later which is brilliant for overseas shipping! I already have a black and white skull print scarf (the one from Primark) but it's square which doesn't always work with outfits, so this is a longer, narrower one which is perfect! 

My inner fangirl came out today when I realised the Bieb's new album came out today! I even splurged on the deluxe version (just £11.97 in Tesco, which is cheaper than anywhere else) and got a cheeky 10% off with my Mum's staff discount so it cost me just £10.58. It's actually a pretty good album with some brilliant summer/driving songs - I imagine these songs will all be stuck in my head pretty soon! 

Everyone has been ranting and raving over this series, so I had to get them when they were just £3.86 each on amazon. I've not got round to starting it yet as I still have the last Hunger Games book to read, but we have FINALLY booked a holiday for the end of next month so I think they'll be coming with me!

I recently handed back my uni flat keys, so my keys have been feeling a little bare and my favourite keyring has slowly disintegrated through the uni year so these were some new purchases. The heart keyring (available here) was just £2.75 and comes in 6 different styles and was to replace the slightly tatty looking one on the edge of the shot. I also bought two blank ones so that I can put in them what I want and were just £1.78 from here. I'm planning on putting simple floral patterns in one, and a potential replacement of my Harry Styles one in the other. These are a great way to really personalise your keys for a tiny price! 

No weeks purchases would be complete without some nail polish! First up is Technic's Peony Pink which was just 99p from Bodycare in Leicester and it's such an odd shade I had to try; it's verging on an orange and a pink all at the same time! Next is Technic's Carnival. I've read a lot of views about this, but from experience with my friend Rosie, it is impossible to get in store, so when I found it on Ebay (buy me here) for just £1.95 including postage, we both snapped some up! I've not tried it out properly yet, as I wanted the white to go under it. Then we have the faithful Barry M in 307 Lemon Ice Cream, 290 Spring Green and 66 Matt White. The Lemon Ice Cream I bought to go with the feather maxi above and to complete this pastel nail look mentioned here. Spring Green was to go with the H&M vest seen here and the Matt White to go under the Carnival. Barry M are currently offering a free retro nail paint when you spend £6, so I chose this 220 Retro Blue to match up with the H&M blouse at the beginning of this post. With my student discount and the Barry M offer, I got 4 polishes for just £8.07 which is an absolute bargain!

So now holiday is booked, it was time to get a new bikini! I have this in white from last summer and when I saw that Matalan had is back in stock this year in yellow, I had to snap it up for just £6 for the top and £5 for the bottoms. This is new on on their website here and I can't wait for it to arrive. 
I also bought these bottoms from Matalan for £6 (available here) to go with a bandeau textured top I got from Primark.

I have been after a new black bag, literally for months now and saw this beauty on Ebay for just £14.99 (buy me here!). It's not arrived yet, but I can't wait! It also comes in tan, for anyone whose interested.

Another Ebay bag! I've been lusting over a bag like this since the designer version came out, and there's actually loads of these on Ebay for bargain prices (albeit they are from China so will take a while to be delivered) just search Vintage Tote Celebrity Shopper Bag and loads of results will come up with some starting at just 1p! Mine was just under £10 which is still a bargain! 

My final two purchases include a Harry Styles tax disc (FANGIRL ALERT) and a new foundation brush which won't let me copy the pictures, but the tax disc is available from Ebay in lots of different designs and celebrities for £2.99 from here and the foundation brush for £2.31 from here. The brush is super soft and I reccomend this up there with the high end foundation brushes!

Now these two are potential upcoming purchases! I am desperate for some proper nail varnish storage and have fallen in love with these two on Ebay. Im going to be mean and not post the links as I don't want anyone to nab them off me, but how cute are they!?


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