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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

spice girls - viva forever musical press launch

So this beauty just appeared on my Facebook feed, and it would just be rude to not blog about it!
First off - how AMAZING do they all look!? With the exception of possibly Mel B, I adore every single one of their outfits here! Someone give me Mel C's dress (this is some of the worst dress lust I have ever experienced) and Emma's shoes. I much prefer Victoria with long hair, it frames her face so much better, but I do wish she'd spruced up her black outfit with a tiny splash of colour. I also can't work out if she's worn silver AND gold accessories together which a huge no-no for me. I think I'll be taking this photo with me to the hairdressers to get my hair done like Emma's, but just add in more of a fringe! I'm going to leave it there before I ramble on at how much I am in awe of this picture.   


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