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Thursday, 28 June 2012

miss selfridge shorts review and styling

i will apologise in advance for the poor photos here, this was done really quickly last night in an effort to get some blogposts queued and ready to post.

i ended up buying these a couple of nights ago on an innocent trip to pick my laptop up from repairs, and when I popped into outfit and saw these beauties in the sale for just £15 (£13.50 with student discount!), I couldn't resist. I've been on a desperate hunt to find some high-waisted shorts that fit me nice and snugly, and if i'm honest i'm still after a traditional denim pair as i feel my ones from boohoo could fit much better. these are also part of my 'brighten up my summer wardrobe' mission and i knew they'd go perfectly with an existing top I already have...

Again, apologies for the poor quality but these were quick post-shower snaps, but I just wanted to show you why I fell in love with these shorts. They are almost a perfect match for this New Look top which makes a perfect outfit for holiday and summer heat! I'll team it up with a few simple silver accessories when I get round to wearing this!

This is another quick option I threw on. This needs tan sandles but I couldn't be bothered to grab some! The white almost carries on the dip-dye effect from head to toe. This would go with gold accessories as all my tan belts and sandals have gold accents.

These shorts are a lovely fit (Size 8), and nice and snug without cutting into my thighs. They do gape a bit at the small of my back, but this seems to be a design flaw on most high-waisted shorts - it seems that designers have forgotten that the small of your back naturally curved in, and the style of these doesn't allow for that. The denim is a high quality, without being too thick for the summer months, and the cut of the legs doesn't mean my bum will be hanging out like with a lot of other high street styles.

I strongly advise getting down to your nearest Miss Selfridge sale as I've saved myself a whopping £21.50 on these which is well over 50%


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