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Friday, 29 June 2012

another arrival from my internet haul (and a sneaky purchase)!

some more pieces have arrived from my internet haul over the last couple of days. this = a happy and excited   Sophie who is very glad she got paid today and found out she'll be receiving a pretty hefty tax rebate! here's a few pieces, some of which I'll be doing proper reviews on in the days to come. 

I'm not often a wearer of earrings, I just stick with a simple pearl pair, but I fell in love with these adorable pairs when I stumbled across them on one of my many hours spent on Ebay! I bought these for my holiday to match my bikinis (yes, i have been sad enough to buy accessories to match my bikinis!) and i'm so glad i bought them on a whim. They aren't as oversized as many floral earrings on the high street and sit nicely on the ear, or anywhere near as expensive. They're available from this ebay store in 14 colours for just £1.19 each + 90p postage. If you buy more than one pair, you'll get free postage on the second, so it's super cheap. They aren't plasticy looking or heavy - these are great summery accessories.

Tangle teezer hairbrush. I won't say anything much about this here as I'm going to do a full review on it tomorrow, but this is my favourite hair product that I've ever come across and advise everyone to get their hands on one! 

A few more bits and pieces for my bedroom. I am so excited now the wallpaper is here! All these pieces are from ebay, if you want the links, just ask :)

Cardigan from MotelRocks! Again, I won't say much about this here as I'll do a styling post over the next few days too.

And my cheeky purchase...

I could not leave this anklet behind in Claire's Accessories; another stunning summery accessory. I love how dainty and subtle it is. Luckily, I live near an outlet store, so this was just £3.15 rather than £4.50 so it was a bargain aswell! 


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